Chad Eschman

Writer x Performer x Producer

From audio drama to site-specific theatre, I tell immersive stories that explore strange worlds.

Director of Trap Street, proud NNPN affiliated playwright, co-founder of Living Room Playmakers, and Northwestern MFA grad.

As a content creator + producer, I’ve worked with brands such as Adobe, Beer Nuts, eBay, Hyatt, Plaid, and VinePair.

Below are a few examples of my work. Questions? Lemme know.

The Radiograph

The Radiograph

A fictional audio drama anthology.

Trap Street launched this series of original stories in 2020. We are currently on hiatus, but new editions are in the works…

Below is an episode that I wrote and produced. You can check out the rest of the show at The Radiograph, or wherever you listen to podcasts.

Children of the Missile

I wrote this Purple Urchins song for The Radiograph. It’s based on declassified CIA documents investigating the possibility of young children with psychic powers.

Later, after watching too much Museum of Home Video, I gathered found footage to create a mash-up music video.

Never Stop

Never Stop

A hallucinatory short film inspired by the bizarre worlds and methods of William S. Burroughs. Official Selection of the 2020 Los Angeles Lift-Off Film Festival.

I’m working on an audio drama companion series to further explore the world of Never Stop. Stay tuned…

You can watch the film below:

Darkness Comes Alive

Darkness Comes Alive

An immersive audio tour of a haunted neon gallery.

Trap Street collaborated with neon artist Lili Lakich to create a new piece of site-specific theatre for her studio, combining the true history of her work with a fictional narrative.

We produced three audio tours to guide you through the space and introduce the artwork. But you quickly learn that this is actually an electric graveyard — and these buzzing tubes contain the souls of the dead.

Learn more at Trap Street.


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