chad eschman

multimedia artist


From audio drama to site-specific theatre, I tell immersive stories that explore strange worlds.

NNPN affiliated playwright, co-founder of Trap Street and Living Room Playmakers, and a Northwestern MFA grad.

As a content creator + producer, I’ve worked with brands such as Adobe, Beer Nuts, eBay, Hyatt, Plaid, and VinePair.

Below are a few of my current and recent projects.

The Radiograph

the radiograph

A pirate radio station from another dimension. The Radiograph broadcasts strange stories, audio anomalies, and music from outer space. Hear the latest episode below, subscribe on any podcast app, or visit

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My Peacock Tale book cover

my peacock tale

Shelley Herman’s new book takes you behind the scenes at NBC in the 1970s, where she had plenty of adventures (and misadventures) with a slew of celebrities. I handled the copy editing, photo restoration, and cover art design.


anti-heroine - season 1

A new audio anthology/podcast series from JaZzyMaE Media. This mix of short-form “audio movies” all feature bold and unconventional female leads. I contributed to three episodes: Houseboat, Angela-01878, and Garbage People.

Live from the Moon

purple urchins

Live from the Moon, the debut album from Purple Urchins, is out now. Watch the music videos for free on The Radiograph.

Never Stop

never stop

A hallucinatory short film inspired by the bizarre worlds and methods of William S. Burroughs. Official Selection of the 2020 Los Angeles Lift-Off Film Festival.You can watch the film below:

Darkness Comes Alive

darkness comes alive

An immersive audio tour of a haunted neon gallery.Trap Street collaborated with neon artist Lili Lakich to create a new piece of site-specific theatre for her studio, combining the true history of her work with a fictional narrative.Three audio tours guide you through the space and introduce the artwork. But you quickly learn that this is actually an electric graveyard — and these buzzing tubes contain the souls of the dead.

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