Chad Eschman

Writer /// Performer /// Producer

I love immersive theater, fictional podcasts, live music, and bold typography.

Founder of Trap Street, a performing arts collective that blurs the lines between fiction and reality.


Children of the Missile

It was a psychic radiation phenomenon. Collaboration with Purple Urchins.

Garbage People

“I’m a literal trash monster. I know what garbage looks like.” Written by Erin Austin. Produced by Chad Eschman.

Never Stop

A hallucinatory short film inspired by the bizarre worlds and methods of William S. Burroughs. An Official Selection of the 2020 Los Angeles Lift-Off Film Festival.


Behind a house in Hancock Park.

Sabertooth Mosquitoes

A buzzing threat invades North Hollywood, but a scrappy hero punches back.


Dana and Sophie need to evacuate Los Angeles ASAP – with or without their husband.

© 2021 Chad Eschman